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Complete’s team of highly skilled and specialist tradespeople includes carpenters, cabinetmakers, plumbers, painters, detailers and labourers, supported by experienced management and support personnel, who ensure that our teams have the resources required for successful project delivery.


Our directors bring a wealth of knowledge and governance experience from previous successful positions in New Zealand’s construction industry and across a diverse range of sectors. This broad experience provides a unique set of skills that drive innovation and value for money for our projects. Critically, at the governance level, we have the skills to think and act with a client perspective.

Mat Hughes

Managing Director

Greg Pritchard

Managing Director

management team

Our experienced management team have implemented our integrated management systems (IMS) and processes. These have been designed to ensure all our projects are delivered with:
Zero Harm
Zero Defects
Zero Delays
Zero Complaints
Our IMS ensures our clients have certainty across all aspects of project management including quality, cost, program and safety.

Shaun Francois

Commercial Manager

Gary Levell

Operations Manager

Pete Bentley

Snr People, Safety & Culture partner

Aimee Tolhopf

Chief Financial Officer

Expert Team Members

Complete’s team is made up of highly skilled and specialist tradespeople across carpenters, cabinet makers, painters, plumbers, and labourers. These people are all supported by experienced management and support personnel who ensure that our teams have the resources required for successful project delivery. This includes CAD detailers, Quantity Surveyors, Project & Site Managers, and Factory Management & Team Leaders.

Project Managers

Alireza Mousavi

Project Manager

Annabelle Holland

Project Manager

Thinus Wiese

Project Manager

Site Managers

Mathew Avenell

Site Manager

Gabriel Motta

Site Manager

Gareth Mills

Site Manager

Pritish Narayan

Site Manager

Factory Team Leaders

Douglas Tonsic

Factory Supervisor

Ashween Kumar

Factory Team Leader

CAD Detailers

Andriy Podolyan

Senior Cabinetry Detailer in Design

Lisa Chu

Cabinetry Detailer in Design

Japhet Pusung

Cabinetry Detailer in Design

Luiz Tonsic

Cabinetry Detailer in Design

Quantity Surveyors

Chris Aspinall

Senior Quantity Surveyor

Vala Fu

Quantity Surveyor

Rodrigo Seixas

Quantity Surveyor

Sahil Verma

Junior Quantity Surveyor

Self-performing Project Delivery Team

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