Harbour Eats | Commercial Bay, Auckland

Project Details

Client: Precinct Properties
Designer: Izzard Design Ltd
Location: Commercial Bay, Auckland
Completion Date: June 2020


Hospitality | Joinery & Cabinetry

Project Description

Complete was engaged on an ECI contract to assist the client and consultant team to develop the design for harbour eats. As time progressed it became increasingly obvious that the project would end up on the critical path for the entire Commercial Bay retail. Complete redesigned the works, developing on our joinery experience to offsite construct the interior of Harbour eats. The key elements of the project are 3 “exchange pods” of 6 tenancies each, the ‘Imbibe” bar, and 8 “fire” tenancies providing food cooked over open flame. All these were constructed & erected in our factory. All service conduits were run, and first fix elements installed where possible, including tiling, prior to deconstruction, packing and delivery to site for re-installation. This technique allowed us to complete 35,000 man-hours of a 50,000 man-hour project before accessing the site. In practical terms, 10 weeks were eliminated.

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